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Noble princes, law-abiding policewomen, competent doctors and courageous firewomen: The big world of role-play toys and children's costumes has everything to offer that brings the imagination to life. If you want to find out what makes Dickie role play toys and costumes for children so special, you can read on right here.


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Police Stop

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Police Stop



Dickie Toys – Police stop sign (24 cm) – With light effects, includes batteries, stop sign, police toy for children aged 3 and above Police stop sign from Dickie Toys – the perfect toy for young traffic assistants and police officers! Many children dream of becoming a police officer. Make your child’s dreams come true with this 24 cm stop sign from Dickie Toys! The toy also helps to introduce your child to important principles. Ideal for role play The stop sign features a built-in light, just like the real thing! Depending on whether it’s safe to pass, you can switch the light to red or green. Let your little one create their own role play scenarios and immerse themselves in the world of a police officer! The stop sign also makes an ideal accessory for police costumes. Suitable for children aged 3 and above The 2x AA batteries are preinstalled so that your little one can get started straight away. Premium quality toy from Dickie Toys With over 40 years of experience in the toy industry, we know how to entertain children of all different age groups. Even the youngest children can discover and experiment with a wide range of fun features. At Dickie Toys, we aim to train motor skills and introduce the concept of road safety. Whether in your child’s bedroom or outdoors, our toys are guaranteed to provide hours of endless fun.

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Role play – set foot in the world of adults

Dash through the city as Superman, carry out checks in the role of a policeman or treat patients as a doctor: Role play toys open up new worlds for your child to explore through play. Children's costumes and role-playing accessories ensure that your child can fully immerse itself in the different roles and try things out completely freely. A valuable experience that stays in the memory.

Why is it advisable to provide children with role-playing toys and to encourage role-playing in general?

Role-playing games, as they can be played with children's costumes and role-playing toys, promote your child in several developmental areas:

Promotion of social skills

It is often a good idea to play role-playing games together with peers rather than on your own. When playing together, your child develops his communication skills, learns to solve problems and mediate conflicts, practices finding compromises and tries out how he can verbally communicate his wishes and needs. In the interpersonal interaction, they also train their empathy and learn to be considerate of the needs of their fellow players.

Promoting creativity

Creativity is a big part of role play! When they slip into different roles, your child can take on new perspectives and use their imagination to create exciting scenarios. Role-playing toys and children's costumes also encourage them to give free rein to their creativity and fully immerse themselves in the multifaceted roles.

Promotion of emotion regulation

As already mentioned, role-plays are sometimes used to process emotions. Dealing with one's own emotional world is a central step in acquiring and expanding so-called emotion regulation.

Building a sense of responsibility

Role-playing games in particular, in which your child takes care of his or her fellow players, teaches him or her to take responsibility in a playful way. This happens, for example, when your child pretends to be a doctor looking after a patient, a policeman making sure the rules are obeyed or an animal keeper looking after his fluffy companions.

Building a sense of cause-effect relationships

Role play also teaches your child about the principle of cause and effect. He can try out different behaviours and observe how they affect the situation and his fellow players. In this way, they get a better feeling for the effects of their behaviour on their environment.

What types of children's role-playing games are there and what advantages do they bring?

Basically, role-play can be divided into two categories: free role-play and guided role-play. In free role-play, the child decides completely for itself which role it wants to take on and which scenes it wishes to act out. In doing so, they can optimally use their imagination and have the opportunity to independently tackle the processing of emotions.

The guided role play, on the other hand, is designed by the educator or the parent who is currently playing with the child. Instructors provide a rough framework by, for example, suggesting certain themes, roles, and scenarios. Such guided role plays can be wonderfully used to invite children to broaden their horizons, to motivate rather reserved children, and to help the kids to grow beyond themselves.

From what age are role-playing games suitable for children?

Most children start role-playing on their own during their lives. They do this, for example, by imitating their parents or imitating behaviours that they observe in others in everyday life. Often, kids start discovering role-playing for themselves from around the age of three. This is the time when it makes perfect sense to provide children with role-playing accessories.

There is a conclusive psychological explanation for why children begin to take on different roles in play on their own. Kids use slipping into other roles to deal with their feelings and process certain experiences in an age-appropriate way. Accordingly, role-playing games are not just fun games for children, but important building blocks for their development.

What should you look for when buying role-play toys and children's costumes?

You want to offer your child role-play toys and children's costumes so that they can enjoy the many benefits of role-play? A great idea! If you pay attention to the following criteria, the chances increase that you will choose products that your child can enjoy for a long time:

Material & design

Find out about the materials from which the role-play toys and costumes for children are made, and also pay attention to clean processing. These two aspects have a considerable impact on the longevity of role-play toys.


Look at the extent to which a child's costume or role play toy can be complemented by matching accessories. The more thematically coherent role play accessories your child can use, the easier it will be for him or her to identify with the respective role.


Especially when several children use one and the same toy, hygiene is of great importance. After all, it is important to contain the spread of germs and at the same time ensure that the role-playing toys remain in good condition. Therefore, before buying, you should consider how the role-play toys and children's costumes can be cleaned.

Discover the Dickie Toys role play toys

Role play toys from Dickie Toys are made to support your child's development and enable them to experience all kinds of exciting adventures. There are no limits to their imagination! In the category “children's costumes & accessories”, lovingly designed products await you, with which role plays of a special kind can be created.

How about the popular "police stop" set, for example? It includes two police trowels that turn your child into a guardian of law and order. The ladles, which are equipped with light effects in red and green, convey a real police feeling and invite you to play scenarios in which you can familiarise your child with important traffic rules, for example.

Conclusion: Role play toys and children's costumes – versatile toys for learning, encouraging and having fun

Testing the possibilities and limits of one's own behaviour, exploring one's own personality, taking different perspectives and giving free rein to creativity: All this is possible with role play. Versatile role-playing toys and children's costumes encourage age-appropriate emotional processing and promote your child's social skills in shared play with peers.

Are you interested in what Dickie Toys has to offer beyond children's costumes and role-play toys? Then you shouldn't miss our homepage! There are numerous categories waiting for you to discover, including remote-controlled vehicles, walkie-talkies and collectible figures.