Gift ideas for children

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Gift ideas for children - Our Dickie Toys tips

The declared aim of gift-giving is to make the recipient extremely happy. This is often easier said than done, because first of all you have to find the perfect gift.
We can help you find the perfect gift with original gift ideas for children.
Fortunately, the Dickie range is full of products that make the perfect heartfelt gift.

How do you find the perfect gift for children?

In order to choose the perfect gift, you first need to know what makes a really good gift idea for children. To make sure your gift hits the mark, you should pay attention to these factors when making your choice:

Age recommendation and stage of development

Is the gift suitable for the child's age and stage of development? Pay attention to the manufacturer's age recommendations and always think carefully about which gift ideas for children match the gift recipient's current abilities.


Does the gift include content that matches the preferences and interests of the little gift recipient? Good gift ideas for children are an individual matter! The same gift can delight one child and disappoint another. It always depends on the extent to which the gift reflects the interests of the individual recipient.


Can the child use the gift or perhaps they already have something very similar at home? Think about what the child is most likely to be able to use and steer clear of things that you are not sure the child already owns.

Brand and quality

Given the manufacturer, can you be sure that the gift is safe and of high quality? To prevent your carefully selected gift from being a flop due to a lack of quality, you should buy from a reputable manufacturer if possible.


Does the gift for children fit into your budget and is the value appropriate for the occasion? Some occasions call for a more expensive gift, for others a small gift will suffice. Gift ideas for children should therefore also match the occasion - and of course your financial means.

Ideally, you shouldn't wait until "just before it's too late", but start thinking about suitable gift ideas for children early on. After all, the next occasion to which you don't want to arrive empty-handed is sure to come.

If you want to be well prepared and stress-free when buying presents, it is advisable to make a list. Whenever you stumble across something that might make a great gift, write the idea down - even if you don't need any presents for children at the moment. This way, you'll have a whole collection of ideas ready for the next Christmas, the next visit to the nieces and nephews or the next birthday.

Our gift ideas for children

Now that you know exactly what criteria excellent gift ideas for children need to meet, we would like to give you some specific suggestions for meaningful, high-quality gifts. Because at Dickie Toys you will find gifts for children that suit a wide range of interests and occasions.

There are some events in a child's life for which many families give larger gifts. For birthdays, Christmas or first day at school, more expensive presents may be considered. Especially when it comes to large gifts, you should think carefully in advance about what the child you are giving could really enjoy. What are they passionate about? You can put a smile on the faces of music-loving kids with presents for making music or listening to music - for example with our music vehicles. The Dickie boats will sweeten the day for shipping fans, while our dinosaur playsets will amaze future palaeontologists.

If the gift ideas are intended for children who are not your own, it is also advisable to talk to the parents in advance. This way you can make sure that the child doesn't already have the gift you have in mind in their closet. Of course, this is especially true for big gifts for important occasions.

Our  Unimog U530, for example, is a rather large gift that really knocks the socks off many kids. But even such a fancy vehicle is not convincing if the child receives it for the second time.

Another gift that looks wonderful both under the Christmas tree and on the birthday table is the  Mega Crane. This is a big gift in the truest sense of the word. The 120 cm high crane is one of the obvious gift ideas for children who can't walk past a building site without admiring the heavy equipment behind the construction fence.

Smaller occasions, smaller gifts: Are you looking for gift ideas for children that you can give away at Easter, on the occasion of a good report card, for a name day or as a gift in between? Then you will also find what you are looking for in the Dickie Toys Shop! Of course, we also have lots of inexpensive toys for the little ones all year round.

Each of our product categories lists both higher and lower-priced models. So if you want to make a young firefighter happy without spending a fortune, you should take a look at our fire engines. Or are your gift ideas aimed at children who are interested in buses and trains? Then you can discover suitable small but nice gifts in the Buses & Trains category.

Incidentally, even small gifts can make kids incredibly happy. Even toys that most people would initially classify as "expensive gifts" are actually available in more affordable versions. The best example is the remote-controlled vehicles from the Dickie Shop. If it doesn't have to be the biggest, most powerful model with the most extensive equipment, you can give the gift of fast-paced driving fun at a surprisingly low price.

Ultimately, it's not the price that matters when it comes to gifts for kids, regardless of the occasion. How good gift ideas for children are depends more on how much thought you put into them and how well the gift suits the recipient.

At Dickie Toys, you can browse through a huge selection of high-quality toys and always be sure that you are buying absolutely safe products with a high play value. This makes buying a gift a breeze!

Birthday themes with Dickie Toys

Would you like to organize a themed birthday party for your child? What a wonderful idea! The first thing you need to do is decide on an exciting children's birthday party theme.

It's best to ask your child which themed birthday party they would enjoy the most. After all, the theme must appeal to the birthday child above all else. Nevertheless, we don't want to withhold our ideas from you.

Motto: Car

Here, kids can build garages out of cardboard, dream up racetracks and race sleek racing cars across them. At the latest when the poison green  Speed Tronic competes against the fiery red  Beat Breaker, the excitement increases immeasurably. You can also come up with tasks that the children have to master with remote-controlled vehicles. How about slaloms, driving around paper cups or parking between packets of tissues?

Motto: Treasure hunt and scavenger hunt

Treasure hunts and scavenger hunts are of course fun classics at children's birthday parties. Make a treasure map that reveals where the kids can look for treasures or get further clues. You can of course enhance the whole thing with some Dickie toys. For example, you can hand out walkie-talkies so that the kids can split up to search and still stay in contact. Or you can integrate a challenge with play vehicles: the kids have to play for the next clue by having a car cover a set distance in a set period of time. The possibilities are endless!

Motto: Construction site

A children's birthday party with a construction site theme is also conceivable. Let the kids search for chocolaty gold coins in the sandpit with construction site vehicles, find out who can dig the deepest hole with the  Volvo wheel loader or test who can transport the sand from A to B the fastest with the  Volvo dump truck. A themed birthday party like this is guaranteed to have plenty of action!

Motto: Police

Does your child have a passion for everything to do with the police? Then organize a police children's birthday party! Equip some kids with  police batons, others with police vehicles fit for the job and go on patrol together. You can make up a few stories in advance about criminal hunts, traffic offenses and criminal machinations, which you can read to the new police officers. Can they work together to find out who is behind the crimes? Hide clues that will put them on the right track and award a medal of honor to the police officer who solves the mystery. In the field, law enforcement officers can keep each other up to date via the  police walkie-talkies.

If your child is really passionate about the birthday theme, you can match their presents to the theme. Point out the theme to invited guests who ask you for gift ideas and note that the presents you bring are welcome to be based on it. Perhaps your child can then use what they receive as a gift in one or other of the planned games.

Find the best gifts for children yourself thanks to the Dickie Toys tips

Gift ideas for children are a dime a dozen. The challenge is to find the right gift for each individual child. If you are still looking for original gifts for children, we would like to invite you to visit our homepage.

Be inspired by our themed worlds, browse through our wide range of products and discover gifts that will inspire!

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