Toy trends 2024

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The top toy trends for children

The world of toys for children is characterized by constant change and constantly produces exciting new toys. However, some things always remain the same at Dickie Toys: outstanding quality, amazingly realistic designs and a convincing price-performance ratio. Of course, our new children's toys, including the colorful STREETS N BEATZ cars with lights and music, also meet all these criteria.

In this article, we take a look at the latest toy trends and give you a preview of this year's hottest toys. We can reveal one thing right at the start: Remote-controlled vehicles, toy cars and other outdoor toys are and will remain a hit with kids, as will creative role-playing toys.

The Dickie Toys toy trends 2024

Dickie Toys is filling the year 2024 with lots of new toys that promise gigantic play experiences.

Go Real - cool speedsters and driving fun for little adventurers!

One of the 2024 toy trends relates to toys that are particularly close to reality and everyday life, such as those in our
"Go Real" has to offer. Many of the toy cars and remote-controlled vehicles from Dickie Toys impress with their incredibly authentic details. The officially licensed models, which are based on real vehicles from Scania, Audi, Ford and other major brands, are amazingly realistic.

Little racing drivers, firefighters and farmers have one thing in common: they need powerful vehicles!

Here, for example, we have the  Mercedes Benz E43 AMG Police car, with which the little police officers can go on a high-speed manhunt.
The police car will definitely cause amazement in the children's room. Children can recognize the typical paintwork of the police car and discover many small details with which the emergency vehicle is equipped.

And then there's the CLAAS Farm Tractor & Trailer: no transport is too big with the  tractor from Dickie Toys! Whether in the house, in the garden or on the playground - driving this toy is fun everywhere.

The Dickie Toys "Go Real" vehicles are in line with the toy trends of 2024 and are a lot of fun to play with.

Dino - beastly strong toys

Let's go hunting for dinosaurs! Dinosaurs are a perennial favorite among the toy trends for the coming year. Cool toys with dinosaur figures simply never go out of fashion. They invite your child to have fun with animals and take them on adventures from times long past. Let the little explorers dive into a world full of wonder and discover the fascinating world of dinosaurs together with them! These adventurous toys not only provide hours of fun, but also promote your child's cognitive development. By exploring and acting out dinosaur scenarios, they develop their imagination and improve their motor skills. Immerse yourself with us in a play world that not only entertains, but also enriches your little explorer's development in a variety of ways!

Go Action - Full throttle into the gaming experience

While the "Go Real" products focus on realism and authenticity, the vehicles from the "Go Action" range are all about pure excitement. With amazing effects and breathtaking designs, these cool toys set the course for "action".

You can be sure: When one of the popular "Go Action" products is at the start, thrilling play experiences won't be long in coming.

Your child can test the lifting function of the  recycling truck, try out the water sprayer on the fiery red fire truck and get to know all kinds of other fascinating features. They can put their fine motor skills to the test and be inspired by the toys' exciting range of functions to come up with one original play idea after another.

Due to the wide range of stimulating functions, the "Go Action" vehicles undoubtedly join the list of thoroughly trendy Dickie Toys toys. Thanks to the interactive "hands-on" elements, they motivate your child to bravely explore what is possible and follow their curiosity. This way, they will end up in an action-packed play experience at full throttle!

Music vehicles - STREETS N BEATZ

The STREETS N BEATZ music vehicles, including the interactive  Beat Hero DJ car and the dancing  Mercedes-Benz A-Class Beat Spinner, push the boundaries of reality and attract attention with creative, colorful elements. The modern Dickie toy novelties have exciting sound and light effects on board and are available in different versions.

With theirexciting interactive features, they fit in perfectly with the latest toy trends and give children the feeling that they are real DJs . The trendy music vehicles bring plenty of variety to the streets and playfully encourage your child to move more.

They also meet the requirements for new toys in 2024 with regard to the integration of modern functions. The Beat Hero, for example, is a toy car, DJ booth and music system in one and offers interactive musical fun with three play modes. The Mercedes-Benz Beat Spinner vehicles, on the other hand, inspire kids with their wacky dance and light show including catchy pop, EDM or hip-hop sounds. And let's not forget the poison green  Speed Tronic: with its music and light-changing functions, it too is an integral part of the popular STREETS N BEATZ crew. All in all, the STREETS N BEATZ music toys offer your child an incredible number of play options that they can explore to their heart's content. Let's go DJ kids!

Go Crazy

Crazy adventures and action-packed driving fun for 2024! The exciting "Go Crazy" toy range from Dickie Toys promises lots of spectacular maneuvers with remote-controlled vehicles and special effects that never fail to surprise. Go crazy means pure fun and a good dose of craziness! Discover the RC Tumbling Flippy car, for example, this agile vehicle allows unusual stunts on almost any surface!

Outdoor games - fun in the fresh air

Whether toy novelties or classics: outdoor toys were a toy trend in 2023 and will clearly also be one of the toy trends in 2024. The versatile toys create lots of play opportunities and invite your child to enjoy enriching outdoor experiences.
Kids in particular, who are normally difficult to entice out of the house, get moving with trendy outdoor toys. With the Dickie Toys  walkie-talkie in fire department design, your child can stay in touch with their teammates while playing hide and seek in the garden, on a scavenger hunt or during mysterious detective games in the park. Or they can grab a remote-controlled vehicle for outdoor use - for example the robust  Badland Explorer - and make the streets unsafe.

In any case, the Dickie Toys range includes plenty of outdoor toys that will get your child out into the fresh air and are fully in line with the toy trends of 2024.

Role play - experience creative changes of perspective

As mentioned at the beginning, role-playing toys are still very much in vogue. No wonder: they allow your child to slip into different roles, take on new perspectives and let off steam creatively. This results in a huge amount of fun with lots of possibilities.

For example, your child can set sail with the RC fire boat and try out what it feels like to be a brave firefighter fighting dangerous fires. They can take on the role of a police officer in action with the  Police SUV or adopt the perspective of a construction worker at the wheel of a  Volvo dump truck. Anything they can think up is possible! The varied role-playing games encourage your child's imagination and allow them to explore their own personality with all its sides and facets.

The world of new toys - What else will be hot next year?

In the world of toys, new toys and tried-and-tested toys come together. Both components shape current trends among children, with new toys often being inspired by traditional toys. Two developments can be observed in the 2023 toy trends. On the one hand, cool toys with modern technologies will be very popular, while on the other, a return to classic toys cannot be denied. These two developments are also likely to influence children's toy innovations in 2024.

Toy novelties: Apps and games in the toy world

A good example of the meeting of new approaches and the tried and tested is the integration of modern technologies into traditional toys. For example, remote-controlled vehicles are being given new, interactive functions, making them even more popular toys. The result is new toys that combine the advantages of classic and modern toys. The aforementioned Dickie Toys musical vehicles demonstrate how this balancing act works.

In general, children are also increasingly engaging with age-appropriate apps. A clear toy trend is also evident here: applications that offer a learning effect as well as entertainment are particularly popular .

The return of the toy classics

The antithesis to the innovative, technology-driven toy novelties are toy classics. Some of these return in a familiar style, while others are equipped with new elements and are just as appealing to children today as they were back then. The new editions of the great classics create a connection between players of different generations and show that the wheel does not necessarily have to be reinvented for maximum fun.

Puzzle games

Toys that effectively encourage development have earned a firm place among the toy trends. Accordingly, puzzles, building blocks and the like are also among the new toy products for 2024. After all, these children's toys are known for their playful promotion of spatial thinking and fine motor skills.

Toys for playing together

In addition, products that appeal to children's social skills will dominate the toy trends of 2024. This primarily refers to new children's toys that your child can play with together with others. This is because playing together - for example with the Dickie Toys  Stack and Store Transporter - goes hand in hand with interpersonal interaction and trains social skills. Unlike when playing alone, children have to talk to each other when they play together. They have to listen to the wishes and concerns of their fellow players, learn to communicate their own needs and sometimes find a compromise. These are all valuable experiences that will help your child to become more confident in interpersonal relationships.

Creative toys (e.g. painting and craft sets)

Space for creativity and relaxation is worth its weight in gold in these fast-moving times. This is clearly underlined by the toy trends. It is not without reason that many parents and children consciously choose creativity toys, such as painting and craft sets. The products that you can purchase from Schipper in outstanding quality offer space for artistic ideas and at the same time train your child's fine motor skills.

Educational toys

It is hardly surprising that educational toys fit perfectly into the 2024 toy trends. After all, these cool toys are characterized by the fact that they convey learning content and promote important skills. Combining learning and play is rightly always in vogue , and this is of course also possible with toy cars from Dickie Toys. Using realistically designed vehicles, such as the  VW Tiguan Police, you can explain to your child how motorized means of transport work and which components each vehicle needs to drive. You can also use several cars to familiarize your child with the most important traffic rules and teach them how to behave safely on the road.

Musical instruments for children

Your child's musical development is also not neglected with the 2024 toy novelties. Musical instruments suitable for children encourage them to engage with music and train their fine motor skills and ability to concentrate. Making music together also creates a sense of belonging and conveys an understanding of good teamwork.

Wooden toys - Environmentally friendly materials

As sustainability and environmental protection play a major role nowadays, wooden toys are also among the toy trends. These classics stimulate motor skills, promote creativity and also impress with their pleasant feel and connection to nature.

Conclusion on toy novelties

Dickie Toys has more than 40 years of industry experience and therefore knows exactly which toy trends are moving the toy industry. This enables us to develop new toys that perfectly match the current wishes and needs of parents and children.

The best example of this is our STREETS N BEATZ vehicles, which combine a wealth of detail and quality with modern, interactive functions. Accordingly, the STREETS N BEATS musical toy cars are our unbeaten favorite among the toy novelties 2024. Thanks to the versatile play options and the huge range of functions, they more than meet the requirements for hip toys - a toy trend that has what it takes to become a modern classic.

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