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Why Dickie Toys toys are educational: the importance of toys in childhood

Educationally valuable toys are by definition beneficial for children's development.
They combine the fun of playing with a certain developmental effect and therefore offer enormous added value.

In this article, you will find out, among other things, what makes a toy educationally valuable and how your child benefits from educationally valuable toys.

Why should children play with educational toys?

Educational toys give children the opportunity to develop their skills through play. If toys are educationally valuable, they typically have a high play value and aim to provide meaningful activity.
These games open up various development opportunities for your child and can lead the way to formative learning experiences, particularly in relation to these skill areas:

  • Imagination, creativity and fantasy
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Cognition, spatial thinking and logic
  • Language and communication skills
  • Social competence and teamwork skills
  • Patience and concentration
  • Independence and self-confidence

However, all these positive effects are not the main reason why children play.
On a conscious, superficial level, children seek out play because it is fun and seems like an enjoyable pastime. But there is much more to it than that: educationally valuable toys allow your child to try things out, explore their own personality, get to know themselves, interact with their peers and process experiences in an age-appropriate way.

Playing with stimulating toys is therefore an important part of a child's personality development. Of course, children themselves are not yet able to formulate and clearly name these deeper senses in play, but they can still perceive them to some extent.

Dickie Toys: We offer toys that encourage your child

Designing toys that are both educational and appealing is easier said than done. Dickie Toys can look back on many decades of experience in toy production and can therefore produce educational toys that combine great developmental effects with maximum playtime fun.

Of course, we also make sure that our educational toys meet all internationally applicable safety standards and are of outstanding quality. After all, educational toys in particular must be safe, durable and of high quality.

Learning world of toy cars and co.: More than just toys

Dickie Toys is known for its versatile toy cars and remote-controlled vehicles. These are clearly educational toys. After all, the varied toys promote children's development in many ways.

Toy vehicles stimulate imagination and creativity - that's obvious. When your child races to the scene of an accident in an ambulance, tills the fields with tractors or chases after common thieves in police vehicles, there are no limits to their imagination. Whenever they create and play such creative scenarios together with their peers, the focus is also on social skills.

Educational toys from Dickie Toys also have a positive effect on the development of motor skills. Your child's fine motor skills in particular benefit from playing with toy cars, remote-controlled vehicles and similar toys. After all, it takes a lot of skill and dexterity to steer a nimble speedster like the  RC Audi S1 E-Tron Quattro around the track in a controlled manner - not to mention spatial thinking! For example, when your child tries to maneuver a large vehicle like the RC  Badland Explorer into a parking space or steer it around tight bends without causing damage, they have to estimate speeds and distances.

It is also obvious that toy cars can be used as educationally valuable toys for the purpose of child-oriented road safety education. With the help of the vehicles, you can clearly explain to your child the basic rules of the road and how to behave safely as a pedestrian near roads. You can also teach your child all kinds of things about cars, engines, car brands and how vehicles work. The Dickie Toys toy vehicles act as illustrative objects - an excellent example of how toys can be used in an educationally valuable way.

Apart from (remote-controlled) toy vehicles, you will find lots of other educational toys at Dickie Toys. For example, our walkie-talkies can also be considered educational toys with a clear conscience. Equipped with a walkie-talkie, your child can slip into the role of a mysterious detective, a fireman on a mission or a high-ranking police officer and broaden their horizons. Thanks to this useful little device, they will never lose contact with their fellow players while on patrol, on a secret mission or on an emergency trip and will also practise expressing themselves clearly and communicating with their peers.

Find the right educational toy for your child

As with any product, educational toys must also suit your child. A toy that is supposed to be educational misses its purpose completely if it clearly over- or underchallenges your child or just lies around in the corner because it doesn't arouse your child's interest. It is therefore important to choose educational toys that are suitable for your child's age, stage of development, interests and preferences. The manufacturer's age recommendation gives an indication of the age group for which educational toys are intended.

In order for your child to get the most out of the toys, it is not enough to choose toys for toddlers that are educationally valuable. In this respect, it is advisable not to offer too many different (educational) toys. Too much choice can quickly become overwhelming and result in your child not being able to fully engage in play with one of the available toys. So instead of cramming the play environment with a wide variety of toys - educational or not - it's better to offer just a few carefully selected toys at a time.

Your child doesn't immediately understand how an educational toy works or is facing a challenge during play? Then don't rush to their aid! Parents who are always on the spot and intervene in the game will deprive their child of a valuable experience if the worst comes to the worst. Stay close by and observe so that you can support your child if they need you urgently, but also give them the opportunity to find a solution themselves. In this way, your child learns to think in a problem-solving way and to tackle difficulties independently when using the educational toy - this boosts their self-confidence!

If you could use some inspiration for playing with educational toys, we would like to give you some ideas for educational games. The following play ideas show how you can use Dickie Toys educational toys for 3-year-olds and older children:

Exploring colors and shapes with toy cars

What color is the  Recycle Truck? Where can your child recognize round shapes on the blue  police helicopter? And is there a toy car that is bigger than the  MAN Lion's Coach Flixbus? To use Dickie toys in an educationally valuable way, you can invite your child to sort their fleet of vehicles by size, shape or color, for example.

Telling stories

Fancy some particularly imaginative playtime fun? Then spin creative stories around your child's toy vehicles, which you can replay and develop together. Find out together where the red Regio train is heading and who the  rescue helicopter has to save.

Traffic simulation

As already mentioned, toy cars are a great educational toy for road safety education. Use the vehicles to explain to your child what a red traffic light means, the correct behavior at a stop sign, how to cross a road safely and how right of way rules work.

Role play with educational toys promotes empathy and allows your child to learn from different perspectives. Whether as a farmer with the  Fendt Monster Tractor, as a sailor at the helm of the  RC Sea Cruiser RTR boat or in the role of a crane operator on the  Mega Crane: changing roles opens up new perspectives on the world for your child and promotes empathy.

Get to know music

The Dickie Toys musical vehicles are very special educational toys that promise educational fun of the musical kind. With cool sounds and exciting light effects, they will win your child over in no time at all and invite them to enjoy lively, creative hours of play . So if you are looking for educational toys with which your child can explore the world of music, the  Beat Hero,  Beat Breaker,  Speed Tronic and Co. models are just the thing for you.

A loyal childhood companion - Dickie Toys toys

Dickie Toys knows how to make educationally valuable children's toys! The toys that you can discover on our homepage support your child's development and open the door to exciting learning experiences.

Browse through our store and discover your enthusiasm for educational toys in proven Dickie Toys quality!

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