Volvo Tracked Excavator
Volvo Tracked Excavator
Volvo Tracked Excavator
Volvo Tracked Excavator
Volvo Tracked Excavator
Volvo Tracked Excavator
Volvo Tracked Excavator
Volvo Tracked Excavator

Volvo Tracked Excavator

  • Article number: 203723008
  • Age recommendation: from 3 years


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Product information

Dickie Toys – Volvo Tracked Excavator – 23 cm crawler excavator, excavator with built-in light, sound effects, rotating wheels, construction vehicle for children aged 3 and above

Dickie Toys Volvo excavator – The ultimate toy for bedrooms and sandpits
This large toy excavator has an official Volvo license and sports an impressive range of fun and original features.

Just like a real excavator, it comes with a large shovel attached to a movable arm, which has a large range of motion for loading and unloading materials such as soil or rocks.

Imaginative play
The excavator also features a push-along design with rotating wheels, as well as built-in light and sound effects that can be switched on and off with a simple button press. All the required batteries (2x 1.5 V R03) are included with the product.

Thanks to its feature-packed design, the excavator is ideal for engaging in imaginative play and recreating typical scenes from a building site – the possibilities are endless!

Premium quality toy from Dickie Toys
With over 50 years of experience in the toy industry, we know how to entertain children of all different age groups. Even the youngest children can discover and experiment with a wide range of fun features. At Dickie Toys, we aim to train motor skills and introduce the concept of road safety. Whether in your child’s bedroom or outdoors, our toys are guaranteed to provide hours of endless fun.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard!

Product details

• The ultimate toy construction vehicle – No construction site would be complete without an excavator. This toy version is equipped with a large shovel and is guaranteed to keep your little one entertained.
• Maneuverable shovel – The vehicle features a large excavator arm and shovel that can be moved up and down to reach areas that are difficult to access.
• Realistic sound effects – Designed for children aged 3 and above, the toy excavator also features realistic light and sound effects. (Includes 2x 1.5 V R03 batteries)
• Original design – The feature-packed vehicle is officially licensed by Volvo and designed based on an original Volvo excavator.
• About Dickie Toys – The vehicle brand for children! We always have the same goal in mind: to make children smile. Unpack your toy and let the fun begin!

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